Saturday, February 28, 2009

ZANZIBAR smashes the opium ring!

Zanzibar the Magician appeared in every issue of MYSTERY MEN COMICS (#1-31, Aug 1939-Feb 1942). He also dropped by for appearances in GREEN MASK #2 (Fall 1940), REX DEXTER OF MARS #1 (Fall 1940), BLUE BEETLE #5 (Jan/Feb 1941) and THE FLAME #5-6 (Jun-Aug 1941).

Zanzibar was a magician. Not much different from Zatara, Zambini, Yardi, Marvo, etc...

4 pages. Beginning, middle, end. How many issues do you think this story would run if it were being written today? :-P

MYSTERY MEN COMICS #3 (October 1939)
story by ?; art by George Tuska
from Golden Age Comics Downloads

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