Sunday, February 22, 2009


This is T.N.T.'s one and only appearance. Take from it all the info you're going to get on the character. :P

AMAZING MAN COMICS #21 (March 1941)
story by ?; art by Dan Gormley

One smart cookie: He goes from splitting the atom to harnessing it's power in a gun in just 3 hours!!
Or not?: He drives around town until he finds an "interesting" looking mansion and happens to get lucky!

A lot of machine guns pointing out of the walls. And not one gets used...?

What luck!: They just happened to have a prehistoric creature at the ready in case their kidnapping plot was foiled! Which begs the question: If they have the resources to have acquired such a creature...why do they need to kidnap children?
And is it just me, or is that the most well-lit "black void" you've ever seen?

Treve N. Thorndike concealed his identity behind a distinctive uniform, which just happened to include a belt buckle with his initials on it... Not so smart.
He probably wouldn't have been a fugitive from justice for long!

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