Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!! FRANKENSTEIN meets Doctor Devil!!!

It's not Halloween with out a little Frankenstein!!!

Frankenstein ("Although Frankenstein is the name of the monster's creator, the creation itself has become known as Frankenstein") finds himself in Hell and teams up with an old Black Owl villain, Doctor Devil!! He'll grant you three wishes if you pull on his tail...

I'm not touching that one.

PRIZE COMICS #22 (July 1942)
story & art by Dick Briefer

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

YARKO the GREAT in the Valley of the Moon!

In Tibet, Yarko and his sidekick Li Wan traverse blinding blizzards and thunderous avalanches through Devil's Pass to reach the Valley of the Moon. Upon their arrival, they find flowers that bleed human blood growing in molten lava-filled craters...and vampires!!

Ah, the Golden Age...

[I just realized that the last Yarko story I ran was also at Halloween-time. Guess he ran in some supernatural circles!]

WONDERWORLD COMICS #6 (October 1939)
story by Will Eisner?; art by Bob Powell?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Attack of the Witch-Master! MARK SWIFT and the TIME RETARDER!

Halloween Time at GAH continues!! And you can't have Halloween (ish-type) fun without witches!!

Rodney Kent and his pupil, Mark Swift, journey backward in history to old Puritan-land, to find out whether New England witchcraft was legend or not!

From Comic Vine:
An orphan, Mark Swift lived in Greenville with grade school teacher Rodney Kent, however Kent was no ordinary teacher, an inventive fellow he had, with the help and inspiration of young Mr. Swift, built a “time retarder,” a vehicle that looked like a submarine, but instead of traveling though water it traveled though time and space.
Christening the ship The History Express, Kent pronounced "with this time-retarder I won’t just teach history, I’ll show it to you."
Which is just what he did, each story involved the pair taking a look at what Mark Swift happened to be studying.
These were the first comic book characters whose gimmick was time travel, they however would only make it though a hand full of stories before disappearing, and while time travel would remain a staple of the comics, there would not be a time traveling hero in the comics until Rip Hunter: Time Master almost 20 years later.
Mark Swift and the Time Retarder appeared in SLAM-BANG COMICS #1-7 (Mar-Sep 1940) before making a final appearance in MASTER COMICS #7 (Oct 1940).
And then they were history...

SLAM-BANG COMICS #5 (July 1940)
writer & artist unknown

It's rather humorous that the colonials are all ready to jail the girl as a witch, but don't seem to have an issue with a couple of guys appearing out of thin air in a giant metal contraption. Nothing witchcraft-y about that!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vampire Madness with CAPTAIN MARVEL and The WIZARD!

Woo Hoo! It's that time of year for some Halloween(ish-type) stories. LOL. Okay, they're just stories with vampires and stuff like that. But, whatever...

When I first came back (a couple weeks ago), I decided that this time around I was only going to post original scans. Not that you couldn't necessarily find the stories elsewhere online, only that I wasn't going to "borrow" scans from other sites, just post my own.

Today I'm breaking that rule. Mostly because I had already had these ready for my 13 Days of Halloween theme back in 2008, and since they were still on my computer, I decided to use them. But also because I may not always have a story that fits a holiday theme, so there may be exceptions occasionally. Both these stories (and the complete associated issues) are available at Golden Age Comics Downloads.

First up: Captain Marvel battles The Scarlet Vampire!!!

[This is the point where I usually give a little back story on the featured hero. But if you don't know who Captain Marvel is...let me just suggest Google.]

story by Otto Binder; art by C. C. Beck

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Amazing Golden Age Adventure Funnies #1 - Golden Age DAREDEVIL Preview!

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but I'm doing it anyway:

There are lots of places where you can download or go online and read Golden Age comics (like here, for example). But some people, like me, like to hold comics in their hands and read them. And there are companies that do Golden Age reprints, but they are usually in black and white. It's cool to be able to read stories you may not find elsewhere, but they were meant to be read in color.

So, utilizing the wonderful world of print-on-demand, I decided to do it myself. The first issue of my 52-page full-color AMAZING GOLDEN AGE ADVENTURE FUNNIES features characters appearing in Project: Superpowers:
  • The Black Terror from America's Best Comics #14 (July 1945)
  • Captain Future from Startling Comics #37 (January 1946)
  • The Golden Age Daredevil from Daredevil Comics #28 (January 1945)
  • Dynamic Man from Dynamic Comics #15 (July 1945)
  • The Flame from Wonderworld Comics #25 (May 1941)
  • Plus Yankee Boy in a 1-page text story from Yankee Comics #4 (March 1942)
  • And a gallery of covers from the original comics!!
Special thanks to Ka-Blam for printing it, IndyPlanet for carrying it and Ka-Blam/IndyPlanet co-founder Barry Gregory for naming it his Pick of the Week!!

Here's a preview: the complete Daredevil story!

(Fall 2010)
[reprinted from DAREDEVIL COMICS #28 (January 1945)]
story by Charles Biro; art by Norman Maurer

You can check out my (currently lame) Terrific Comics website, too! But there's nothing there that isn't here. :)