Saturday, January 3, 2009


A lot of bizarre characters appeared during the Golden Age of Comics. But He-She may be one of the most interesting of the bizarre!!

Crimebuster had no super powers. Chuck Chandler decided to fight crime (Nazis, specifically) after his parents were murdered by Iron Jaw, who was Crimebuster's main recurring nemesis and a really pretty nasty bad guy.

Crimebuster appeared in every issue of BOY COMICS #3-119 (April 1942-March 1956), with #3 being the first issue of the series. After the Comics Code took effect, he was referred to as C.B., since the Code forbade the use of the word "crime" in a comic book title. With issue #112, he was simply Chuck Chandler.

BOY COMICS #9 (April 1943)
story, art and cover by Charles Biro

Learn more about Crimebuster at International Hero.


  1. What a great, totally freaky made my Sunday morning. It's apparent that HeShe could have used the help of a multi-gender support group. I wonder what sort of issues Biro was working out?

  2. Feh. No interest in villains that could be helped by support groups...I just want 'em evil!!

    As to Biro's "issues" ... He did write a Golden Age Daredevil story where Bart Hill was photographed in the shower, then chased his "assailant" in just a towel...

  3. Ha, I totally agree with Tony Z.
    And the assailant, if I am not mistaken, is Kilroy, which would became one of the main supporting characters later on.
    Biro = outstanding! ;)

  4. I wanna fuck heshe in the ass

  5. Wow so comic series called Boy Comics really existed?

  6. Title changed to "Boy/Girl Comics" with the next issue...