Sunday, February 1, 2009

AMAZING MAN battles The Great Question!

Wow. I can't believe I haven't had an Amazing-Man story yet! I did do a tongue-in-cheek post about AMan, but no stories. Wow. And I love this guy! I think he's cool!

Amazing-Man was created by Bill Everett (who also created the Sub-Mariner and Hydroman). He debuted in the first issue of AMAZING-MAN COMICS, which was issue #5 (September 1939). The series ran 22 issues, ending with #26 (January 1942). Amazing-Man also appeared in all 5 issues of STARS AND STRIPES COMICS, #2-6 (May-Dec 1941). [Apparently, Centaur didn't believe in starting a series with a #1 issue!] And that is the entirety of AMan's golden-age career.

You can read all about him on Toonopedia and Major Spoilers.

This story is cool because it features his arch-nemesis, The Great Question, and also features his assistant Zona Henderson. Zona is no damsel-in-distress. Every time AMan tells her to stay back, she's like, "" And she doesn't get captured and need rescuing, she kicks butt. Even the Great Question tells his henchman: "Don't try to out think her, you can't!"

This is good stuff.

AMAZING MAN COMICS #21 (March 1941)
story by ?; art by Sam Decker; cover by Lew Glanzman

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  1. Yeah that Zona was quite a firecracker, but a lot of 1940's women were. At least in the comics I've read.