Monday, February 16, 2009

The OWL - Scourge of the forces of darkness!

The Owl debuted in CRACKAJACK FUNNIES #25 (July 1940) and ran through the end of the title, issue #43 (January 1942). Then he jumped over to POPULAR COMICS, where he ran from #72-85 (Feb 1942-March 1943).

P.I. Nick Terry didn't have any powers, but he did eventually have a bunch of nifty gadgets. In CRACKAJACK #32 (February 1941), reporter Belle Wayne became his partner, Owl Girl.

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This particular 7-page story looks as if it was originally done in 8. The last page looks like two pages squished together: with almost twice as many panels as the previous 6 pages, and such a non-linear layout, that they added arrows and panel numbers to direct the reader. Crazy.

CRACKAJACK FUNNIES #29 (November 1940)
story by Leonard Steinman?; art by Frank Thomas

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