Tuesday, February 10, 2009

JAGUAR MAN -- The Tale of the Tattooed Egg!

Jaguar Man is one of my new favorite characters. And this is his only appearance! :(

There were two one-shot issues of ALL GREAT COMICS. One was "published" by William H. Wise & Co., Inc. in 1944, and one "published" by Chicago Nite Life News Inc. in 1945. Both ran 132 pages, selling for 25¢. They both also starred Fox Feature Syndicate characters, so I'm guessing they were actually produced by Fox.

Anyway, Fox did publish a second Jaguar Man story (in ZOOT COMICS #2 [Summer 1946]), alas it was a somewhat different character. In ALL GREAT COMICS, Jaguar Man's real name was Steve Lane and he had a pet jaguar named Ebony, while the ZOOT Jaguar Man was known as Murray Mane with a pet jaguar named Ja-Go. Don't ask me, I dunno, I've never seen it, I've just read about it. Interestingly, both tales are credited to "Jack Lane."

As for why the logo of the story reads simply "Jaguar"... I don't know that either.

story and art by ? [as Jack Lane]
from Golden Age Comics Downloads


  1. This guy has GOT to get together with the Cheetah.

  2. They may have met at the costume shop.

    Although, I'm sure Cheetah probably killed the guy who sold the outfit to her, telling her it was "one of a kind..."