Sunday, February 8, 2009

HOODED JUSTICE starring the Invisible Hood!

The Invisible Hood debuted in SMASH COMICS #1 (August 1939) and appeared there, in a fashion, through issue #32 (March 1942).

Kent Thurston didn't actually turn invisible, but considered himself invisible since no one knew his true identity.

SMASH COMICS #1 (August 1939)
story by ?; art by Arthur Pinajian [as Art Gordon]
from Golden Age Comics Downloads

"The thief came to America and sold the stones to various collectors! What I am uncertain of, Mr. Thurston, is why you, who does not appear to be a member of the police force, has been called in on this investigation."
"I wonder if they were the sacred sapphires, Thurston? Wouldn't that be an amazing coincidence? The necklace was stolen years ago and just as the Maharaja finally comes to town to find the sapphires, sapphires are being stolen!?"
"It's the Invisible Hood, Randolph -- I've come to warn you -- your life is in great danger while I point a gun at you! And what are you doing in Peter Robinson's home?"
"Spike! Look -- the rocks! An' nobody's around! It's not weird or even suspicious that a tray of sapphires would be sitting out on a desk unattended!!"

"Just one move and I'll let my finger go!!"
"Hmm -- In that case, I may have just enough time to get off the chair, grab the rug and yank it out from under him before he can pull the trigger!!"
"You saved my life -- how can i repay you, Invisible Hood??"
"Uh -- by giving me the million dollar reward, buddy!"
"-- it seems this hooded guy has made saps out of us! Look -- the Maharajah has the whole necklace! We've been gypped out of a million big ones!! I'm pissed!!"
"Yeah, well, I've gotta run down to the bank. I'll see ya later, Inspector..."

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