Monday, February 2, 2009

BLUE BOLT and the Green Sorceress!!

Blue Bolt debuted in BLUE BOLT COMICS volume 1 #1 (June 1940), created by Joe Simon. In v1 #2, Simon was joined by Jack Kirby, in their first appearance together. They chronicled Blue Bolt's adventures through issue v1 #10.

There were 101 issues of BLUE BOLT COMICS, v1 #1-v10 #2 (June 1940-Sept 1949), and Blue Bolt appeared in all but 3 of them. Although with v3 #2 (July 1942), he lost his costume and his powers and became a uniformed soldier fighting in the war as Blue Bolt, the American.

BLUE BOLT COMICS v1 #10 (March 1941)
story by Joe Simon & Jack Kirby; art by Jack Kirby, Joe Simon, Al Avison & Al Gabriele

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