Monday, February 9, 2009

INVISIBLE JUSTICE starring The Invisible Hood!

Now with more invisibility!

Kent Thurston debuted as The Invisible Hood in Hooded Justice in SMASH COMICS #1 (August 1939). He was merely a man in a hooded cloak and mask. In SMASH COMICS #2 (September 1939), the feature's title was changed to Invisible Justice, and Kent acquired the gimmick of actual invisibility. Invisible Justice ran through SMASH COMICS #32 (March 1942).

SMASH COMICS #2 (September 1939)
story by ?; art by Arthur Pinajian [as Art Gordon]
from Golden Age Comics Downloads

"-- How I wish I were really invisible! Invisibility -- what a weapon!! I would have crime at my feet -- if - if only -- if only I could turn on the radio and find out someone had invented a chemical which causes invisibility --
"What luck!!"

"What luck!! Spade ran his ad in the paper in super huge type so I wouldn't miss it!!"
"What luck!! The train station is abandoned, so I know this has to be the final bad guy!!"
"What luck!! I'm sure glad the agents don't know each other, or I'd have to come up with another plan!"

"Yeah, yeah, I'll save you. But the main, most important, real reason I came is to get your invisibility formula. And you should consider yourself lucky I'm not using my gun to get it from you!!"
"And next time I'll actually make sure to meet my agents, instead of just sending pieces of playing cards to random people, so I'll know when a stranger walks into my secret lair!"
"Since I got what I wanted and I'm not really in a hurry to rescue the Professor, I'll stop and change clothes before I call the authorities!"
"Gosh, Prof, sorry you're dying. But I got what I wanted from ya, so it's all good!
"Now I gotta run before the FBI shows up and finds all these dead bodies!"

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