Friday, October 31, 2008

IBIS the Invincible and the Vampire Twins!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Have some vampires!!

Prince Ibis, man of miracles and master of white magic, first came to life in the Egypt of 4000 years ago! Put in suspended animation for centuries, Ibis has awakened to battle modern crime and evil with the aid of his magic Ibistick!

I dunno, sounds kinda dirty to me. But you know how my mind works. ;-)

Ibis had a fairly lengthy career; including the entire run of WHIZ COMICS #2(1)-155 (February 1940-June 1953), his own IBIS, THE INVINCIBLE #1-6 (1942-Spring 1948) and ALL HERO COMICS #1 (May 1943).

Well, that wraps up the 13 Days of Halloween!! Have fun tonight!

WHIZ COMICS #101 (September 1948)
story by ?; art by Charles Tomsey

WHIZ COMICS #102 (October 1948)
story and art by ?

Grand Comic Book Database lists an artist for the first chapter, but not for the second. It kinda looks like the same guy to me, though.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

ZERO, Ghost Detective!

One day to go! We're giving the vampires a rest today. Instead, we've got ghosts!! But no real super heroes. Oh, get over it.

Today we've got Zero, Ghost Detective! Kind of like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, only without the slayer abilities...or the vampires. :-) Zero spent his career chasing vengeful spirits and sending them on their way.

Zero's ghost detecting days ran in FEATURE COMICS #32-72 (May 1940-October 1943).

Since his adventures tended to run only 5 pages, I'm giving you two!

FEATURE COMICS #39 (December 1940)
story by ?; art by Charles Sulton?

FEATURE COMICS #50 (November 1941)
story by ?; art by Al Bryant


Yeah, I'm not saying a word this time.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MR. JUSTICE vs The King of the Vampires!

What!? More vampires!!? Well, it is Halloween, after all. Plus, we've got us a ghost in our super-hero protagonist, Mr. Justice!!

Debuting in BLUE RIBBON COMICS #9 (February 1941), Mr. Justice began his career one year after DC's Spectre (MORE FUN COMICS #52 [February 1940]). Is Mr. Justice a rip-off? I don't know. But they are both spirits, they both have hoods and capes, they both have white skin... I guess you can decide for yourself. I am surprised that DC didn't send a cease-and-desist letter, like they did for all the Superman copy-cats.

Mr. Justice's golden-age career spanned BLUE RIBBON COMICS #9-22 (February 1941-March 1942) and JACKPOT COMICS #1-9 (Summer 1941-Summer 1943).

BLUE RIBBON COMICS #11 (April 1941)
story by Joe Blair; art by Sam Cooper
[cover by Sam Cooper]

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The SHIELD vs The Monocled Monster!!

We're going heavy on the vampires this week. Hey, it is Halloween after all!!

Although more well-known, Captain America (who debuted in CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #1 [March 1941]) was not the first American flag-themed hero. The Shield beat him by 14 months!

The Shield first appeared in PEP COMICS #1 (January 1940) and stayed there through issue #65 (January 1948), at which point it changed to an all-humor title. He also starred in SHIELD-WIZARD COMICS #1-13 (Summer 1940-Spring 1944). He was created by writer Harry Shorten and artist Irv Novick.

story by Harry Shorten; art by Don Rico?

This story has all kinds of weirdness in it:
The last time we see Dusty (page 8), he's lying seemingly unconscious on the roof as the Shield takes off to fight the count.
Mamie mentions her boyfriend, Ju Ju, to the count a few times, but never says his last name. Yet, on page 10, the count refers to him as Ju Ju Watson.
On page 12, Shield asks Ju Ju if the guy Mamie is with is wearing a cape. Ju Ju says yes, but at no point in the story does the count ever have on a cape.
When the Shield finally gets back home on the last page, he doesn't seem at all concerned about Dusty's state of health, who was unconscious the last time he saw him. Not too mention that Dusty, after waking up, decides not to track down the Shield and help him, instead opting to change into his pjs and wait for the Shield's return. Dusty then has the nerve to ask him "what happened?" The Shield's reply should've been, "Where the hell were you, you little bastard!?"
"Burn up that book on vampires you were reading!" The Shield is apparently Republican.


There's a time and a place for everything...