Friday, February 6, 2009

The FLAME and FLAME GIRL: Curse of the Black Doom!

The Flame debuted in WONDERWORLD COMICS #3 (July 1939) and was a featured series through the title's end with issue #33 (January 1942). He also appeared in THE FLAME #1-8 (Summer 1940-January 1942) and BIG 3 #1-7 (Winter 1940-January 1942). Sensing a theme there?

Linda Dale debuted in WONDERWORLD COMICS #27 (July 1941) and became Flame Girl in WONDERWORLD #30 (October 1941), sticking by The Flame's side through the end.

There's some talky-talky after the story.

WONDERWORLD COMICS #33 (January 1942)
story by ?; art by Louis Cazeneuve

Unlike Amazing-Man's non-super-powered assistant, Zona Henderson, Flame Girl was apparently much more in the damsel-in-distress category.

So, should Linda have given up crime-fighting? Or maybe Gary Preston could have taught her how to use her powers? Nah, that'd be too easy. :\

Doesn't matter much, anyway -- This issue marked the final appearances for both Flame and Flame Girl. The final fate of Linda Dale may never be known...

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