Wednesday, February 18, 2009

QUEEN OF EVIL, The cursed of Isis!

Good luck finding information about the villainous Nagana, Queen of Evil. It seems next to nonexistent! Although Wikipedia notes: "[FANTASTIC COMICS] is notable for having introduced the characters Banshee, Black Fury (the third one, John Perry), Nagana, Queen of Evil, Samson, and Stardust the Super Wizard." Samson and Stardust, maybe, but Nagana only appeared in the final two issues! And only made a total of 4 appearances. Surely FANTASTIC COMICS' legacy is more notable than that!! LOL!

It's hard to say what Nagana's powers were, or how powerful she was. At one point in the story she conjures up flames, but then towards the end, when she decides to off her victims, she pulls out a gun. Your guess is as good as mine!

The Queen of Evil appeared in FANTASTIC COMICS #22-23 (Sept-Nov 1941) and V... COMICS #1-2 (Jan-Feb 1942).

FANTASTIC COMICS #23 (November 1941)
story by ?; art by Louis Cazeneuve

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