Tuesday, February 24, 2009

VULCAN: Oil wells that ends well!

VULCAN appeared in SUPER-MYSTERY COMICS v1 #1-v3 #2 (July 1940-July 1942) and FOUR FAVORITES #1-3 (Sept 1941-Jan 1942).

Vulcan was a descendant of the Roman god of fire, also known as Vulcan. He lived in a volcano. He had a fiery aura and could shoot flame, control flame and ... talk to and punch flame, apparently.

The writer, artist and colorist of this tale are all playing in different ball fields, and the writer does some -- just plain weird stuff...

SUPER-MYSTERY COMICS v2 #4 (October 1941)
story by ?; art by Maurice Gutwirth

As hard as I try, I just can't seem to find the black car...
And is it just me, or is the oil well firing flames back at the car in panel 4?

"Red glow"? I don't need "supersensitive eyes" to see that blaze!

He converses with the flames (and they apparently converse back), which indicates some sort of sentience. So isn't regulating them to lakes and outer space a kind of murder?
Although, since the flames seem to miraculously survive the vacuum of space, maybe not so much. By the way, can you say: "non sequitur"? I knew you could.

"Rather tricky work, with all this oil around..." Remember that line.

"...the fire must've been accidental." Then in the next panel "So you're the arsonists!" Was he out looking for the people who accidently set the fire?
"Look, the bullets melt!" I'm looking, but I'm not seeing.

"This door is locked, so I'll have to use my own methods...since I obviously haven't done so already!"

"Hey! Let's use fire to disable incendiary bombs!!"

Why did the plane explode again? I assume that Vulcan may have had something to do with it, but it isn't really all too clear what. And it seems to happen awfully close to the oil wells he's trying to protect!

Okay, remember when he was having trouble working with his flame around all that oil near the beginning of the story? Apparently firing up your flaming aura when shoulder-deep in oil: not so much of a problem...


  1. Gee, and this hero never caught on? I'm shocked! ;-)

    -- Sea

  2. Well, I can't really say that all his stories were this bad. But based on this one...whoa, I want some of what they were on!

  3. the funny thing is he-she has two different body types half man half woman