Tuesday, September 16, 2008

BOOMERANG and DIANA: "The Duke of Terror Castle!"

Despite Boomerang's unfortunate costume, this is an interesting little story.

TERRIFIC COMICS #5 (September 1944)
written by ?; art by L.B. Cole

I'm surprised they got along so well.
On page 4, Diana announces "The first arrow saved a man's mind -- The second will take your life!" Her intentions are clear.
On page 6, after causing the main villain to fall to his death, Boomerang admits "I didn't mean to kill him!"
I guess we'll never know if the relationship turned rocky. This was their last appearance.

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  1. Geez! Diana ROCKS! She totally owned the first half of the story. She was MUCH cooler than Boomerang. I wouldn't mind seeing earlier adventuers...funny thought. They should have sent her to the front instead of him. She is much more boodthirsty.