Saturday, August 30, 2008

MASTER MAN, World's Greatest Hero!

The first appearance of Master Man, World's Greatest Hero!!! Another Superman wanna-be that disappeared (after 6 issues) when DC threatened a lawsuit.
Unfortunately, again, it's scanned from microfiche, which never gives a really clear picture. And the microfiche people scanned it from a low-grade copy, so it's equally thrashed. But you can still get the general idea!!

MASTER COMICS #1 (March 1940)
written by ?; art by Newt Alfred

You can download MASTER COMICS #1
and lots of other awesome golden-age goodness
from Golden Age Comics Downloads!


  1. This has been a nice run of strong men types.

    Can't wait to see what's next.

  2. Hi Chuck!
    It's funny, because I've been thinking about doing "theme weeks," but having all these strong men in a row just happened by accident.
    That was just the order they appeared on my other blog.
    Glad to know you're enjoying my blog.
    (especially since Feedburner is saying no one has ever been here!)
    Tony Z