Sunday, October 26, 2008

YARKO the Great vs Death and the Devil!

Dark-magical mayhem arrives in London!!

Yarko the Great, Master of Magic, is another super-heroic magician. He made his debut in WONDER COMICS #2 (June 1939), then continued his career in WONDERWORLD COMICS #3-33 (July 1939-January 1942). He also had a couple tales appear in SAMSON #4-5 (April & July 1941). His first 4 adventures were collected in BLUE BEETLE #1 (Winter 1939).

BLUE BEETLE #1 (Winter 1939)
[reprinted from WONDERWORLD COMICS #3 (July 1939)]
story and art by Will Eisner
[cover to WONDER COMICS #2 by Lou Fine]

You can download BLUE BEETLE #1
and just about every other comic on this blog
from Golden Age Comics Downloads!

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