Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The golden-age origin of THOR: God of Thunder!

Grant Farrel, an ordinary mortal is suddenly invested with the supernatural powers of the ancient god, Thor, son of Odin, supreme ruler of Valhalla!

Grant and Thor made their first appearance in WEIRD COMICS #1 (April 1940) and four more after that, disappearing into oblivion after WEIRD COMICS #5 (August 1940).

This tale is taken from a microfiche scan (which we all know I love...). Some of it was nearly impossible to read, so I took the liberty of re-lettering parts of it. I hope that doesn't freak anybody out. ;-) There are probably purists who would rather I left it alone. But I want people to actually be able to read the stories I post. So it just may happen again. Get over it.

WEIRD COMICS #1 (April 1940)
story by ?; art by Pierce Rice

Interestingly, Don Markstein's Toonopedia relates a very, very different origin story for this character. I'm not sure which character his origin belongs to, but it sounds interesting...and one day I may try to find out.


  1. Thor needs to get out in the sun a bit more. He's lookin' mighty pale!

  2. LOL! I think that has more to do with the microfiche reproduction than him being a shut in. ;-)

  3. do you think this was the true inspiration for marvel's mighty thor?

  4. John, este THOR é uma criação de Pierce George Rice em 1940 para a FOX, publicado na Weird Comics#1-5... Realmente a origem apresentada na Don Markstein's Toonopedia está errada... Aquela origem que eles descrevem se refere ao LIGHTNING da Fiction House, também publicado em 1940 na Jumbo Comics. Com absoluta certeza eles erraram....

  5. John, this is a creation of THOR Pierce Rice in 1940 to George Fox, published in Weird Comics # 1-5 ... Actually the origin presented in Don Markstein's Toonopedia are wrong ... They describe that source refers to the LIGHTNING Fiction House, also published in 1940 in Jumbo Comics. With absolute certainty they were wrong ....

  6. I am going to sound very nasty but I say it more in jest than in truth. AS FAR AS THE PURISTS ARE CONCERNED, THEY CAN GO WHERE THE SUN DON'T SHINE. actually, in a very minor way I am a purist but not to the point of rather having something I can't either read fully or see clearly instead of having a retouched by a good retoucher item. Thank you very much for your fantastic and impressive work and your gift to us lurkers

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