Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Furious Debut of CAPTAIN BATTLE! *clack! clack!*

For some reason, as I was scanning this story, I thought Captain Battle had made a bigger impact while he was around. I mean, I'd heard of him, so surely he had been somewhat enduring. But it turns out he only appeared in 16 comics over a two-year period and that was it. Although, I guess, by Golden-age standards (the number of one-appearance characters and all) he did okay.

He appeared in SILVER STREAK COMICS #10-21 (May 1941-May 1942), CAPTAIN BATTLE COMICS #1-2 (Summer-Fall 1941), #3 (Winter 1942) and #5 (Summer 1943). Whatever happened to CAPTAIN BATTLE COMICS #4 is a mystery, I guess.

Nothing really exceptional about this story, but I just love the Deaglos!! They crack me up! *Clack! Clack!*

story by Carl Formes; art by Jack Binder


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