Friday, October 24, 2008

The FIREFLY vs the Mummy!

The undead parade marches on!!

What is it with bugs and mummies? I don't know, but here we go again! We even get a beetle motif thrown in for good measure!!

The Firefly's real name was Harley Hudson. He was a research scientist who discovered that insects can lift masses greater than their own weight because of their "wonderful muscular coordination." He taught himself to master the muscular functions of his own body and found he was able to perform amazing feats. Seeing fireflies in the dark, he was inspired to become the Firefly so he could light up "the darkness that shrouds the underworld!"

The Firefly debuted in TOP-NOTCH COMICS #8 (September 1940) and remained with the title thru issue #27 (May 1942). He pretty much vanished into obscurity after that.

TOP-NOTCH COMICS #11 (January 1941)
story by Harry Shorten; art by Bob Wood

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