Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Duke O'Dowd -- The HUMAN METEOR!

Duke O'Dowd debuted in CHAMPION COMICS #6 (April 1940) as a taxi driver. In issue #8 (June 1940), he gained possession of an ancient Wonder Belt, formerly owned by a Tibetan prince, which granted him superhuman powers. And in CHAMPION COMICS #9 (July 1940), he began his run as "...crime's dreaded challenger, the Human Meteor!" With issue #11 (October 1940), the book's title was shortened to CHAMP COMICS. Duke's career ended in the final issue, CHAMP COMICS #25 (April 1943).

CHAMP COMICS #13 (May 1941)
story by Robert Turner; art by Art Peddy; cover by George Mandel

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