Thursday, October 23, 2008

Friday Frightfest: MOTHER HUBBARD & DR FUNG!

Today I'm making it a double. Partially because neither story really meets the requirements, as they don't really feature a super hero. But they do both have supernatural/Halloween-y elements.

In our first tale we meet Mother Hubbard and she's a witch! That's some Halloween-y super-naturalism for ya! But she's still not technically a super hero, and although she is battling evil, it's not of the supernatural variety. But, c'mon, she's a witch! If that doesn't scream "Halloween" I sure don't know what does!

Mother Hubbard made 5 appearances: SCOOP COMICS #1-3 (November 1941-March 1942), BULLS EYE COMICS #11 (1944) and SPOTLIGHT COMICS #3 (March 1945). And having only ever seen this one story, I can't say that the latter appearances weren't reprints of the first three. But she's still a cool character, using the evil power of witchcraft for good and all...

story and art by ?

Our second tale stars Dr. Fung, who's basically just a detective. Well okay, "Master Sleuth of the Orient." Still a detective. But in this tale he's dealing with a vampire!! Another great Halloween staple!!

Dr. Fung had a fairly lengthy career; debuting in WONDER COMICS #1 (May 1939) and surviving the name change to appear in every issue of the series concluding with WONDERWORLD COMICS #33 (January 1942)! He had 3 appearances outside WONDERWORLD, but they were all reprints, so pffft.

story and art by Bob Powell (as Arthur Dean)

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