Friday, October 31, 2008

IBIS the Invincible and the Vampire Twins!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! Have some vampires!!

Prince Ibis, man of miracles and master of white magic, first came to life in the Egypt of 4000 years ago! Put in suspended animation for centuries, Ibis has awakened to battle modern crime and evil with the aid of his magic Ibistick!

I dunno, sounds kinda dirty to me. But you know how my mind works. ;-)

Ibis had a fairly lengthy career; including the entire run of WHIZ COMICS #2(1)-155 (February 1940-June 1953), his own IBIS, THE INVINCIBLE #1-6 (1942-Spring 1948) and ALL HERO COMICS #1 (May 1943).

Well, that wraps up the 13 Days of Halloween!! Have fun tonight!

WHIZ COMICS #101 (September 1948)
story by ?; art by Charles Tomsey

WHIZ COMICS #102 (October 1948)
story and art by ?

Grand Comic Book Database lists an artist for the first chapter, but not for the second. It kinda looks like the same guy to me, though.

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