Saturday, October 25, 2008

DYNAMIC MAN battles the Yellow Spot!

The catastrophic conjury continues!!

This time around not only do we have a super hero battling supernatural forces...but it's also a first appearance and a secret origin all rolled into one!! How cool is that!?

Dynamic Man appeared in every issue of DYNAMIC COMICS #1-3, 8-24 (October 1941-March 1948) (There were no issues 4-7).

DYNAMIC COMICS #1 (October 1941)
story & art by ?
[cover to DYNAMIC COMICS #3 by Charles Sultan]

Doesn't the name The Yellow Spot just inspire terror!? I know I was shaking! Thank goodness Dynamic Man was able to rub him out!!

You can download DYNAMIC COMICS #1
and just about every other comic on this blog
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