Saturday, October 18, 2008

Dash Dartwell -- The HUMAN METEOR!

Dash Dartwell is the Human Meteor? I thought Duke O'Dowd was the Human Meteor. I guess they shared...
But whereas Duke got his powers from his Wonder Belt, Dash received his from Metabo-tablets. He was a sports figure and he used the Metabo-tablets to set world records. Yes, folks, Duke was an early adopter of using performance-enhancing drugs for sports!!

After Dr. Moss perfects his Metabo-catalyst, he proclaims: "As yet, I don't know what it will do. It might give extraordinary speed-strength-anything! I must make human tests!"
The brilliant Dash says: "How about making them on me?"
I'm thinging: "WTF? He just said he didn't know what the Metabo-catalyst would do. It might do 'anything.' Like maybe kill you -- but go for it!!"

Near as I can tell, Dash only made 4 appearances: AMAZING MAN COMICS #21-22 (March/May 1941), STARS AND STRIPES COMICS #2 (May 1941) and THE ARROW #3, which may be a reprint, since it looks like a first story, but came out about 7 months after his first appearance. I don't know.

THE ARROW #3 (October 1941)
story by ?; art by Harry Campbell (as Harrison Camp)


He's a mighty, mighty good man!

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