Monday, October 20, 2008

The DUKE of DARKNESS vs Professor Evil!

The 13 Days of Halloween continues with a Spectre-like character: The Duke of Darkness.

Well, not really Spectre-like, other than they're both, y'know...dead -- and ghostly...

In this first (?*) appearance, we don't really get an origin, but we do witness the funeral of Paddy Sullivan, who becomes the Duke. We also see the funeral of Professor Live...who returns as Professor Evil, Master of Crime!! It's Supernatural Super Hero vs Supernatural Super Villain!!

K-O Komics #1 (October 1945)
story by ?; art by Sam Cooper

The Duke made only two other appearances; in TRIPLE THREAT COMICS #1 (Winter 1945) and TOP SPOT COMICS #1 (1945).

* The Grand Comic Book Database lists both K-O COMICS and TRIPLE THREAT as The Duke of Darkness' first appearances.

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