Friday, August 29, 2008

The (not so) Original WONDER MAN!

Here is the first and only appearance of the first hero to wear the name Wonder Man!!!
Unfortunately, it's scanned from microfiche, which never gives a really clear picture. And the microfiche people scanned it from a low-grade copy, so it's equally thrashed. But you can still get the general idea!!

WONDER COMICS #1 (May 1939)
written by Will Eisner; art by Will Eisner

DC thought that Wonder Man was a little to "Super" for their tastes and sued Fox to cease publication of Wonder Man. They won. Check out a side-by-side comparison of Wonder Man and Superman!

But wait there's more! On the last page, Wonder Man offers you a chance to win his ring!! The people over at Scoop (Where the Magic of Collecting Comes to Life!) have a picture of what has been accepted by collectors to be the Wonder Man ring!!! Go check it out!!

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You can download WONDER COMICS #1
and lots of other awesome golden-age goodness
from Golden Age Comics Downloads!


  1. Tony,

    This is wonderful! What a great treat for Eisner fans. I'll link to you from the Will Eisner: A Spirited Life site next week!


  2. Funny how Brenda's name changes to Nora halfway through the story!

  3. Hello there I was wondering if anybody knew the value of a sealed wonder comics promo card it has the same cover as the comic above but on the back it says not for sale.

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