Wednesday, October 29, 2008

MR. JUSTICE vs The King of the Vampires!

What!? More vampires!!? Well, it is Halloween, after all. Plus, we've got us a ghost in our super-hero protagonist, Mr. Justice!!

Debuting in BLUE RIBBON COMICS #9 (February 1941), Mr. Justice began his career one year after DC's Spectre (MORE FUN COMICS #52 [February 1940]). Is Mr. Justice a rip-off? I don't know. But they are both spirits, they both have hoods and capes, they both have white skin... I guess you can decide for yourself. I am surprised that DC didn't send a cease-and-desist letter, like they did for all the Superman copy-cats.

Mr. Justice's golden-age career spanned BLUE RIBBON COMICS #9-22 (February 1941-March 1942) and JACKPOT COMICS #1-9 (Summer 1941-Summer 1943).

BLUE RIBBON COMICS #11 (April 1941)
story by Joe Blair; art by Sam Cooper
[cover by Sam Cooper]

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