Sunday, September 7, 2008

"A few days later he tries Dick..."

This is the bonus, DVD-like commentary for the Dick Cole story I ran yesterday. If you haven't, go read it first.

Don't expect deep psychological dissertations on the characters' psyches or probing insights into the machinations of what the writer was trying to say. I'm just having a fun go at an old story.

And this is a strange story. It almost feels like 3 completely different stories running through here. We have the dinosaur plot, Reggie's evil scheme, and Dick Cole: Fugitive. But they all come together in the end.

Hm, considering this story, I should probably rephrase that last line... But I'm not going to, heh.

On with it, then!

Page 2: I find it hard to believe that if they arrived at the last second that there would be "a place -- up front!" But this is fiction, lol.

Page 4: "Hey, I found a dinosaur, but I'm done with it, so I'll just give it away! Oh, and let's just sit him down here in the middle of the crowd!!"

Page 5: "Wow! This is going to be some ride!" Don't get me started. But it is fairly prophetic for the story that follows.

Page 7: So tell me that little, deformed Reggie is not gay. He admires "big strong boys," cops a feel of Dick's muscle. He's not subtle. The question marks over Dick's head show he realizes the boy ain't "right." Simba calls it: "Huh--what a queer duck!"

page 8: And it apparently runs in Reggie's family. His brother "Steve was gay, athletic and liked by all..." Now you can make a case that, for the times, "gay" was intended as "happy go-lucky." But he's playing on swing, yelling "whoopee!" I win.

Page 9: Reggie invents a drug that makes people feel strange, do things they wouldn't normally do and forget they did it. GHB anyone?

page 10: "A few days later he tries Dick...." I. have. no. words.

page 11: "Nice, Dick! Dick, you're wonderful!" Ack, I'm dying here!

page 12: Reggie wants Dick to obey him "like a lap-dog!" And when he gets him drugged up: "Now you and I are going out..." This is barely subtext.

page 14: Nice imagery when Dick is captured by the swarm of guards. The one yelling "Dirty spy!" almost appears to be talking with his mouth full.

page 16: How much does a dinosaur cost?

page 18: Maybe the writer meant for Dick's thought to be sarcastic. But this is my world, and here, Dick is obviously interested in exploring his strange new feelings...

page 23: Simba and Dick mock Reggie's homosexuality with sing-song-y voices. See, they knew. It didn't bother them. They just brushed off his advances. But they knew the entire time. Now that they realize he's a villain, and that he manipulated them all, they want to get their hands on him. Hm, that didn't sound quite right...

page 24: Simba's just dying to lay his hands on Reggie! He keeps saying it over and over. What doesn't Dick know, Simba?
"It made me squirm to see those wonder boys flexing their pretty muscles and showing off!" Yeah, he was squirming when he was squeezing Dick's muscle. He didn't have to do that. But he wanted to.

page 25: "...on that animal's back I'm a colossus!" Brag much, Reggie?

page 26: I wonder if they're talking about the dinosaur here:

Well, that was fun. I'll probably never do it again. Ha!!

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