Monday, September 29, 2008

The brilliance of RAINBOW BOY's rainbow!

Rainbow Boy first appeared in HEROIC COMICS #14 (Sept 1942) and stayed there through issue #20 (Sept 1943). He made one final appearance, in a team-up with Hydroman, in HEROIC COMICS #25 (July 1944). And then he was gone.

This Rainbow Boy story concludes yesterday's Hydroman tale...

HEROIC COMICS #19 (July 1943)
story by?; art by ?

I wanna love Rainbow Boy. I think he's kinda cool. But...

If you noticed, Rainbow Boy helps save Earth from the invasion by kidnapping the alien general and taking him around to show how being a dictator is a bad thing.

Here's my issue: Rainbow Boy just let all those people DIE!

Yes, he is trying to prove a point, but couldn't he have proven it by "Look at what they're about to excuse me while I go rescue those people!" But he makes no attempt. I'm surprised he didn't bring along popcorn for the show.

And he's practically smiling in (page 7, panel four) when he says, "I'm going to show you more!" With an explanation point...

Yippee! Let's go!!

Grrrr. Bad Rainbow boy. Bad.

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  1. There's also the little detail of Rainbow Boy dismissing the aliens with their spectacular weapons as not being "necessary" -- they'd shorten the war by years, thereby saving countless lives, but they aren't "necessary", la di da....