Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Secret Origins of THE BLACK TERROR & TIM!

You may have read the Black Terror's recent adventures in PROJECT: SUPERPOWERS...
But just who is the Black Terror?
Travel back to May 1940 and read EXCITING COMICS #9 featuring the origins of the Black Terror and his sidekick Tim!
Notice at the bottom of page 3 how Bob Benton has got a little bit of Frank Miller's All-Star Batman 'tude goin' on!

You can find EXCITING COMICS #9
and many more apparent public domain comics at
Golden Age Comics Downloads.


  1. Ahhh!
    I loves me some Black Terror!
    I loves him so much I immortalized him in Mego-like glory!
    Pics are here if interested to see:

  2. So, at first I'm thinking, "Ack, some troll coming along to self-promote." But I still went to check it out.

    WOW! That Black Terror is pretty damn awesome!! I love it. Everyone should go check it out. Here, I'll make the link clickable: Black Terror Photo Set

    And while your at it, check out the rest of his custom Megos. They're cool!!