Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Perilous Debut of MISS MASQUE!

Miss Masque was introduced to the world in EXCITING COMICS #51.

One interesting thing concerning her debut is that the story starts out: "Greed...begins a startling new chapter in the drama-packed life of Diana Adams...as once again she assumes the perilous role of Miss Masque..." The only problem being: this was her first appearance!

Can you imagine the poor kids of the time scrambling to try and find her earlier adventures? Miss Masque had been preceded by The Woman in Red, perhaps the writer had gotten the two confused.

Alrighty, now onto the story! The first adventure of Miss Masque!!!

EXCITING COMICS #51 (September 1946)
creators lost to the sands of time...

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  1. Interesting story. For being such a miser he sure didn't care how much money was flying out of his knapsack. Also he could have easily just told the police most of the truth and been fine. He invited a begger into his home gave him some food and the guy pulled a knife on him and tried to rob him. He defended himself and killed the bum by accident.