Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Secret Origin of SAMSON! Plus DAVID!

Samson debuted in FANTASTIC COMICS #1 (December 1939), but that story didn't feature his secret origin. And I figured an origin is better than a first appearance. I may be wrong. But the story you're going to get is from SAMSON #1, because that does feature his origin.

We also see how Samson acquired his sidekick, David, in this story. Although David made his first appearance slightly earlier in FANTASTIC COMICS #10 (September 1940).

Okay, blah, boring, read:

SAMSON #1 (Fall 1940)
written by ? (as Alex Boon); art by Louis Cazeneuve

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  1. Crime doesn't pay? You mean like the crime of burning down an entire village of people? Also I guess Samson has the good old hair growing power.