Monday, November 3, 2008

TYPHON! -or- WTH were they smoking that day? HA!

I almost wasn't going to run this story, as the person who scanned it at Golden Age Comics Downloads chopped about a 1/4 inch off the bottom of almost every page. Not a major thing, but kind of annoying none the less. But I couldn't resist!!

Typhon appeared in WEIRD COMICS #1-7 (May 1940-October 1940). And let me say, never was a feature more appropriately placed. They don't come much weirder than this tale.

In fact, it's just so weird, that I'm going to change my regular posting style so I can comment throughout. Deal with it...

(Oh, and skip the first caption box, that basically tells you the entire story, start to finish...)

WEIRD COMICS #2 (May 1940)
story and art by ? [as Phillips Judge]

Yes! Let's drop down more! Because there will be more light by which to see...
"I'll phone the other subs not to lower."
"Typhon phones his other subs to stay at their level course."

The sub doesn't crash into an invisible wall, they hit the invisible wall.
Except -- "...there is no wall or obstacle..."
"This is unreal, yet true!"

I'm not sure at what point Typhon and friends got past the wall, or if the mermen went through it.
If there's no water behind the wall -- how are the mermen with fishtails swimming, or at least staying upright?
It's a good thing the writer told us they have "long red seaweed hair," because for a minute I thought their hair was yellow!

So they tied everyone up to catch them, but then untied them to carry them in?

It's the sign of a good writer who makes sure everything is clear, so we all can follow the story. The caption tell us that the humans are almost fainting...then the characters reaffirm that "I'm fainting!"
You have to love a villain who laughs at your discomfort, but orders you to be relieved.
So -- did the quick-freeze guns backfire? I'm not quite sure as to why the mermen were frozen into blocks...

If the writer hadn't told me that everyone was covered in ice, I never would have guessed!

"...a fight begins...." "We must fight them!" "The men fight the mermen."
Did someone tell Cecelia not to get involved? She seems pretty defiant, "Back off buddy, this one's mine!"

Is Cecelia swearing!!? There's no call for that!!

How sad that the water drowns...
So, why exactly do the mermen shrink?
Apparently it's not only Typhon's ray gun that goes down...


You go girl!




  1. Hi there my name is Lucas,im an aspiring comic book artist from Argentina.
    I instantly loved your blog, since im a big fan of golden age super heroes, i download a lot from G.A. Comics Downloads of course but its much better too just come here and read them, your remarks are always quite funny also so its a plus.

    Say, check out the signature hand writing, the lettering in general, the constant recurring to silhouettes as an easy way to draw a hard panel and also the way off text is double's just as in Stardust's comics so this could be easily Fletcher Hank signing with a pseudonym right?

    Best wishes, great blog.

  2. LOL. That has to be the biggest pice of crap I've ever read. I think I can smell it right through my monitor.

    Hilarious!! Good job!