Thursday, November 6, 2008

MARVO 1-2 GO+: The Super-Boy of the Year 2680

Or -- Marvo 1•2 Go+ or -- Marvo 1.2 Go+ ...?

It's hard to say, really. The title post is how it appears on the cover of SUPERWORLD COMICS #3 (August 1940). The first option is what it looks like in the "logo" of the story. The second I've found in a couple of web searches. So, I don't know...

This story is just kinda wacky. Starting with the lead character's name. Apparently, by the 25th century, last names have become so complicated, that we will be using government registered names instead. Because 1•2 Go+ rolls off the tongue so well...

Ronald Byrd, via The Golden Age Directory, offers:
It's back to the future for the adventures of Marvo 1.2 Go+. I suppose that's pronounced "mar vo one point two go plus," but who knows? In the year 2680, Marvo is the son of one of the world's greatest scientists. Although only 15, Marvo has inherited his father's intelligence (literally, it would seem, since it is claimed he has the knowledge of "an average scientist of 40") ... The "+" at the end of Marvo's name (which he wears emblazoned on his future-tunic) is a status symbol, heretofore awarded only to adult men (and only ten of them), which allows him to use the "super-hypnobioscope" ... to learn while he sleeps.
Marvo had 2 big adventures, in SUPERWORLD COMICS #2 & 3 (May & August 1940).

SUPERWORLD COMICS #3 (August 1940)
story by Charles Hornig; art by Frank R. Paul
[cover by Frank R. Paul]

Drat, no next month for Marvo 1•2 Go+ the Super-Boy!
This was the last issue...

Fun with Dialogue Out of Context!

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