Sunday, December 12, 2010

YOUNG ROBINHOOD Calls it Quits!!

There's very little info online for Young Robinhood (often misspelled "Young Robin Hood"). Here's what Public Domian Super Heroes has:
Billy Lackington, son of one New York City's wealthiest men, decides to use his archery skills to fight against the criminals who preyed on the poor. He used his fascination with Robin Hood as his costumed theme. He soon shifted his scope to fighting the Axis powers and crime in general. He recruited a group of local street kids - "Fatso," "Shorty," and "Freckles" - to serve as his "Merry Men." On their second adventure, the Merry Men got codenames, becoming Friar Tucker, Little John, and Big Doc. Doc was killed in action early on, but Friar Tucker and Little John continued to assist Young Robin Hood until their feature was canceled.

Young Robin Hood and his allies operated out of a secret base hidden in Central Park which they built using the money they managed to pool together. They fought villains such as The Crow King and the Veiled Lady.
Young Robinhood debuted in BOY COMICS #3 (April 1942) and ran through issue #32 (February 1947), never to be heard from again...

BOY COMICS #9 (April 1943)
story by ?; art by Alan Mandel

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