Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The FACE! Murder on the 'El' Station!!

The Face debuted in BIG SHOT COMICS #1 (May 1940) and stuck with the title until the end (BIG SHOT #104 [Aug 1949]). Although he gave up being the Face in issue #63 (Feb 1946) and continued his adventures as just Tony Trent. Along the way he appeared in 4 issues of his own, THE FACE #1 (1941) & 2 (1943) and TONY TRENT #3-4 (1948), as well as SKYMAN #1 (1941) and SPARKY WATTS #1 (1942).

Tony Trent was a radio announcer who got fed up with criminals getting away with their crimes and decided to do something about it. He donned a frightening mask that would startle the thugs with fear just long enough for him to save the day.

BIG SHOT COMICS #8 (December 1940)
story by Gardner Fox; art by Mart Bailey

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  1. Every time that I see one of these stories, I'm surprised that "The Face" isn't held in higher regard. The artwork on this feature always impresses me.

  2. I'm kinda torn on Mart Bailey's art. On one hand it's crisp and clean and definitely easy to look at. He was a good artist. But on the other hand his work was also kind of static. There's not a lot of "dynamic" going on. Even in the action scenes it seems kind of still.