Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Vampire Madness with CAPTAIN MARVEL and The WIZARD!

Woo Hoo! It's that time of year for some Halloween(ish-type) stories. LOL. Okay, they're just stories with vampires and stuff like that. But, whatever...

When I first came back (a couple weeks ago), I decided that this time around I was only going to post original scans. Not that you couldn't necessarily find the stories elsewhere online, only that I wasn't going to "borrow" scans from other sites, just post my own.

Today I'm breaking that rule. Mostly because I had already had these ready for my 13 Days of Halloween theme back in 2008, and since they were still on my computer, I decided to use them. But also because I may not always have a story that fits a holiday theme, so there may be exceptions occasionally. Both these stories (and the complete associated issues) are available at Golden Age Comics Downloads.

First up: Captain Marvel battles The Scarlet Vampire!!!

[This is the point where I usually give a little back story on the featured hero. But if you don't know who Captain Marvel is...let me just suggest Google.]

story by Otto Binder; art by C. C. Beck

The Wizard debuted in TOP-NOTCH COMICS #1 (Dec 1939) and resided there until issue #27 (May 1942), after which the title became TOP-NOTCH LAUGH COMICS. He also co-headlined the series SHIELD-WIZARD COMICS #1-13 (Summer 1940-Spring 1944).
From Wikipedia: His real name is Blane Whitney, a man of great intelligence. At first, the Wizard did not possess superpowers but was merely a man with great physical and mental prowess. He eventually exhibited super-strength and great mental powers, including a "photographic mind," enabling him to see scenes far away from him, hypnosis, and telepathy. He also started consuming capsules containing a secret formula that replenished his super-strength.

In his early appearances, the Wizard wore a tuxedo and cape, thus he was similar in appearance to Mandrake the Magician. At first, his cape and mask were white. His costume was eventually simplified into blue tights with red trunks, cape, and mask. This costume made him invulnerable.
Kinda looks like he can fly, too.

TOP-NOTCH COMICS #14 (April 1941)
story by Harry Shorten?; art by Al Camy?

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