Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WILDFIRE's Ice Capades!

Here's another wintery tale.

Wildfire had a short run from SMASH COMICS #25-37 (Aug 41-Nov 42). Roy Thomas wanted to use Wildfire in ALL STAR SQUADRON, as he was reviving many of the Quality heroes that were in the DC stable, but since there was already a Wildfire in the Legion of Super-Heroes, DC nixed the idea. So Roy created a female version of Quality's non-powered hero, Firebrand, and gave her Wildfire's powers. Nifty how that works!

Read all about her at Toonopedia and Wikipedia.

Yeah, that big splash panel on the first page...I don't know either.

SMASH COMICS #31 (February 1942)
story by Robert Turner; Art by Jim Mooney

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