Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The MARKSMAN - A Powerful Force Against Crime!

The Marksman's father, chief of the Secret Service, trained him from childhood to be a powerful force against crime and evil!!
He has the eyesight of an eagle and a pair of wonderful hands -- whether he shoots a gun or an arrow -- whether he throws a ball or a knife... HE NEVER MISSES!!

He wasn't much of a hit, though. This is his one and only appearance.

[a pair of wonderful hands!! ]

AMAZING MAN COMICS #23 (August 1941)
story by Abel Seidman; art by John Styga

Fun with Dialogue Out of Context!


  1. Those Golden Age writers had a talent -- a TALENT, I say! -- for supplying out-of-context dialog that was definitely ... well ... GOLDEN! :-)

  2. What are your super powers?

    Wonderful hands.