Friday, August 22, 2008

Long arm of THE CLAW!

Most people who are aware of The Claw probably know him mostly as the arch-nemesis of the golden-age Daredevil. But The Claw actually preceded Daredevil by about 9 months, having first appeared in SILVER STREAK COMICS #1. Odd that a monster/villain would have his own feature, did that happen frequently in the golden age?

The Claw was never given any type of origin. Or even really a hint of where he came from or why he was here. He was just a supernatural bad guy who wrecked havoc!

So, here's the first appearance of The Claw! It's scanned from microfiche, so it's a little grainy. But you'll get over it...

And that last page! A bunch of nekkid menz fightin' the bad guys. What's not to love!!?

SILVER STREAK COMICS #1 (December 1939)
written by Jack Cole?; art by Jack Cole

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  1. Ah, but The Claw was given an origin. Download Daredevil Comics #12 from Golden Age Comics Downloads and you can see the origin of The Claw.